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(hear voices in the air)

Pre-Order [11 Aug 2009|08:31pm]

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that you can pre-order both the Devil's Gift album and the For Nothing album at Lennon's merchant store. I don't know how long it's been there, but I was there tonight on a whim and saw it. Both albums are $12 each and come autographed, as usual when ordering from her :) I also picked up one of the Devil's Gift shirts since they were only $10...I think the price has dropped on them. At any rate, it's the first time I've gotten a Lennon shirt in my size!

Link to the store below:


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For Nothing (Off Just One) [18 Jun 2009|07:46pm]

Randomly decided to check Lennon's myspace page last night and saw that she'd added a song from the new album to her playlist. It's amazing to listen to, nothing less than stellar! :)

You can find it here. I've linked to the popout player instead of the regular myspace page to cut down on load times.

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Lennon on Sugar [27 Apr 2009|09:58pm]


What happens when Lennon has a bit much sugar? This video of course! Speculation on Fun Dip and an update on Hannah/Michael too!

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Lennon being weird [16 Apr 2009|09:39pm]

One of the newer videos posted by Lennon. It's one of those "must sees" After all, where else can you find Michael Myers + Hannah Montana love and an Ewok's jealousy?

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[14 Apr 2009|02:13pm]

~// 24 Lennon
~// 21 Emilie Autumn


{ Here! }

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DG Vlogs - A German Village [12 Nov 2008|04:32pm]


The newest Devil's Gift video! It's a bit dark, but it's amusing nonetheless.

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DG Vlogs - Tilburg, Netherlands [30 Oct 2008|09:16pm]


Here's the first video for the European tour... and remember, they're still accepting ideas on how to get Ricky ;)

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Devil's Gift [25 Oct 2008|08:36pm]

So as you know, Lennon has a side group project called Devil's Gift. They are amazing and the videos are available on youtube under Lennon. She's going to be doing tour diaries for the group and posted the first one a few days ago.

Watch for the Hannah Montana reference :D

You can also pick up merchandise on the Lennon site. Currently there is only a DG beanie available (and the model is the cutest thing ever), but more is to come soon.

The album itself is not planned for a US release at this time. However, devoted fans can pick up the album via Grooves-Inc, a music site based in Switzerland for $19 (shipping included). I received mine within 4 days of shipping, others report up to a week. Best deal you'll find. Do not use amazon.com; they are more expensive ($27) and seem to keep pushing the release date back.

Purchase the album here

I hate seeing the community so dead, so I'm going to try to post updates when I can. Doing my part to spread the word!

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Bases [16 Jan 2008|05:28pm]

113 Lennon bases!



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[10 Sep 2007|01:18pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So is everyone else loving Lennon's tour diaries? She's so awesome :D

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Best of Lennon [19 Jun 2007|05:18pm]

I've been trying to put together a "Best of Lennon" playlist for my iPod and would like to ask if you could only have 10 Lennon songs on your iPod, what would they be?

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[04 Jun 2007|01:16pm]

~/ 12 Emilie Autumn
~/ 13 Simone Simons
~/ 12 Cristina Scabbia (one with Ville Valo)
~/ 11 Lennon

{ you'll be honest, you'll be brave }

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the OZ - GOD [23 May 2007|03:00am]

The video for our version of Lennon's song God -- made last out of the three afore mentioned videos for the project's debut album The OZ (Orkestr ZACHEM), Lennon Punk Revolution.

http://dotheoz.com (there maybe problems with connections to the site, if so click "refresh")

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[07 Mar 2007|05:51pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Does anyone know if Lennon is still touring with Hinder? As I can't seem to find any information on this and there gig in Holland at the end of March.



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[24 Feb 2007|02:59am]

Has anyone ever come across any Lennon tabs/piano sheet music? Google just gives me John Lennon.

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I'm assuming... [04 Feb 2007|09:15pm]

I'm assuming people know of Lennon being on YouTube with her videos...?
...if not...
...here... ---------> Lennon

(This is aside from her website...btw...)

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[27 Nov 2006|10:46am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Does anyone know of/have any decent quality shots/screencaps from any of Lennon's older (well, pre-Damaged Goods) videos? Particularly Break of Your Car? I can never find them anywhere, or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

And just in case anyone is interested, I updated in my graphics community with a shitload (188) of Lennon bases.

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Lennon icons [05 Nov 2006|01:38pm]

~/ 13 Simone Simons (Epica)
~/ 10 Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil)
~/ 22 Lennon


{ I never walked alone }

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[23 Oct 2006|07:51pm]


I've just joined and I have a question - I've been trying to sign up to the parts of Lennon's site where you can get videos and stuff but it keeps saying there's a problem with the validation email. 

Has this happened to anyone else?

Also, does anyone have any music videos of Lennon's that they could upload for me, as I can't access them there?



(hear voices in the air)

[07 Oct 2006|06:02pm]

Tori Amos Lennon Murphy Juliette/Licks

more icons @ this post
(this post also contains The Dresden Dolls, Brody Dalle of The Distillers, Milla Jovovich, Fiona Apple, Marilyn Manson & Les Claypool)

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